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Mirror Synth Patches + Cakewalk Session Files

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Mirror Synth Patches + Cakewalk Session Files

This is for fans of IR who also make music. IR has used Cakewalk products since 1994. Recently, the company was sold and the DAW is now available for free. This is exciting as it affords us the opportunity to offer to our fans the complete Cakewalk session files for all tracks that appear on Mirror. These files include the following:

- Cakewalk session files (multi tracks with all automation intact)
- All midi
- Lists of synths and vst audio effects used in the sessions
- Synth patches created or edited by IR to create each song

We cannot include the actual VST synths or effects but we will give you what you need to get the same sounds we got if you have the synths and effects already.

This product will be delivered digitally in January 2021