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IR Demos

IR Demos

Ever wonder what an IR track sounds like in the beginning of its creation? Here is your chance to find out! For the first time ever we are making a collection of all demos for our latest album available. The IR Demos package contains the following:

- Multiple instrumental and vocal versions of each song featured on Mirror. We aren't kidding when we say there is a ton of material here!

- Early versions of songs that, in some cases sound so different from the finished versions, you will need to double check the title.

- Instrumentals that did not fit the theme of Mirror.

- Instrumental demos that were intended to be developed for an IR release in 2013/2014.

This release comprises well over 100 files that tell the story of the last 10 years of IR. There are also files that go back all the way to the Redemption/As We Fall eras!

Product will be delivered digitally in January 2021.