Imperative Reaction - Major Updates!

  • Work is underway on the remix album, HIEROS GAMOS which will feature remixes of every song on MIRROR plus two BRAND NEW IR songs! We’re very excited about the amazing artists we have helping us to complete the story that began with MIRROR. HEIROS GAMOS will be released on Metropolis Records in early 2022. Thank you to my wife @lisbethphelps for coming up with the title and for all of your help thus far.
  • Many of you may remember that I started Imperative Reaction in 1996 with Dave Andrecht. We worked together for 6 years recording EULOGY FOR THE SICK CHILD and RUINED. Dave also contributed parts to REDEMPTION. Life intervened and I continued with IR while Dave pursued his career. In August we hung out for the first time in many years and it was like no time had passed at all. Almost immediately afterward my wife said, “I have a feeling you guys are going to work together again.” Within a couple of weeks that happened. I’m extremely excited to announce that we have have begun working together under the name, “RxN”. This was a commonly used abbreviation for IR back in the day, so it is perfect for this project. RxN will be a completely independent “spin-off” of Imperative Reaction. By independent I mean separate from IR and entirely self-released. If you want to know what the band that wrote Eulogy for The Sick Child would sound like now, you will know very soon!
  • We have never done anything like this before, and this is where you guys come in and can be a part of the process.
  • I've considered starting a Patreon for some time now. Over the years it seems it has become harder to stay in touch with the IR fanbase through social media as many of you don't see our posts thanks to unfriendly policies that limit our engagement. When Covid hit, I was neck deep in recording MIRROR, and once that was finished, I caught Covid which caused some problems for me. This culminated in my hospitalization with blood clots in my leg and lungs in May of this year.

    My favorite aspects of being in a band are interacting with fans and playing live shows. Due to both the pandemic and my health, there is a lot of uncertainty associated with touring in the immediate future. Now is the time to move forward with building a community of IR fans where I know I can reach you with various things I have to share. It is my intent to feature a full range of offerings and various tiers that I hope you all enjoy. Think early previews of songs before anyone else hears them, exclusive merch, meet-ups on the Discord community and lots more...

    Your support has always been integral to IR and me. Without it, we would never be where we are,  and it is greatly appreciated. This seems to be the best way to connect and share all that is going on with IR, Mercury Lust, RxN and anything else I am working on.

    Speaking of Patreon and RxN – there is an exclusive, Patreon only, RxN remix of Side Effect available to download for the first 100 patrons regardless of the tier selected! This is the first work Dave and I have done together in almost 20 years. We think you’ll like it 😊.

All tiers on the Patreon feature a 15% discount code that can be used in the IR Online Store!